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The task of living ventilation is to provide and maintain the proper quality of air for inside spaces. This includes offices, retail property, hotels, conference rooms, etc. Air should be circulated in closed rooms where people are meeting while also maintaining the appropriate sanitary requirements. The primary focus of ventilation is the person; their frame of mind, comfort, health and productive capability. The air quality of inside spaces is always changing due to many factors, including the number of people inside, equipment being operated, temperature, etc.


Industrial ventilation:

During industrial production processes there are many different pollutants that can negatively influence the air quality inside buildings. These pollutants can be dangerous and harmful both for people as well as machinery. In terms of machinery, pollutants can damage or shorten their life span considerably. The composition of the pollutants which are made during production are relatively easy to establish, however, establishing the volume and diffusion of the pollutants always requires precise knowledge of various production processes.


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