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KLIMA-VENTA® provides services in the consulting, technical analysis, measurement, and evaluation of installation systems. The assessment of the effectiveness regarding installations are the results of measurements of individual parameters of the microclimate in rooms. Measurements of the installation are required at various stages of the construction process i.e. design, execution and use. These measurements are essential for technical documents for State Sanitary Inspection and for the investor. During the use of the installation and during service repair they are critical for the accurate evaluation of the technical conditions of the installation, and in the case of breakdowns for the fast localization and efficient elimination of the defect.


  • Airflow speed in ducts and on ending elements (grilles, ceiling diffuser, ventilators, air intakes, exhaust air).
  • The productivity and the efficiency of ventilation and air-conditioning installations
  • The tightness of ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary installations
  • Air quality ( temperature, humidity, CO2, absolute pressure )
  • Unit and equipment noise
  • Tightness of gas installations (propane, methane, hydrogen

We have first-class specialist measurement equipment at our disposal including:  TESTO, KIMO, SONEL, SONOPAN.

All measurement units have essential calibrating certificates.

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