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Comfort air-conditioning:

Comfort air-conditioning means providing and maintaining the thermal comfort of inside conditions for people year round. The priority here is the person; their frame of mind, health, and productivity at work. With air-conditioning we are referring to the maintenance and appropriate parameters of a rooms temperature, relative humidity, pressure as well as the cleanliness and clearness of the rooms air.

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Industrial air-conditioning:

Air-conditioning in industrial spaces deals with room temperature, humidity and clearness and helps to ensure an ideal environment for the operation of various technological processes. Generally, the parameters of each work environment are defined individually for a given process and carry with them strictly defined parameters. A breach of theses required air conditioning parameters could adversely effect both the equipment and the production process – and, at times, make the technological operation impossible.


Refrigeration system:

The refrigeration system is an area of engineering which addresses getting rid of heat from separated spaces that are cooled in order to maintain a lower temperature than the surroundings area’s temperature. The most important field for applying this cooling technique is when dealing with perishable food items. Proper refrigeration helps to prevent the decomposition, molding, decay of mass and change of nutritious value of items in refrigerators.


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